Brian Campbell Music is the worshiping community led by worship artist Brian Campbell. We create music, experiences, training seminars, projects, and events that celebrate the exchange of God meeting with and changing His people. Our hope is that you simply meet with Jesus through this journey. 

#Repost @thechurchcollective We’re just a couple weeks... 

#Repost @thechurchcollective

We’re just a couple weeks away from our one day conference in Ft Wayne. Some of the breakouts are now listed on the site! Here’s a shot from @maiafw at our Modesto conference. @bcampbellmusic @sweetwatersound @nexus_movement @caliemarie07 @theonlychrisj #tccone #thechurchcollective #worshipconference #worshipleader #worshipteam

First Sunday in the new building with our church family at... 

First Sunday in the new building with our church family at @thefreshwater.church

We prayed that God would fill this building with his glory, use it as a tool to bring people to Jesus, and bring people in who need to know Jesus at their Savior.

It’s a new season on the same journey. #grateful #newseason #myfreshstart2016 (at Freshwater Community Church)

#repost from @titusbriseno of @thechurchcollective ’s... 

#repost from @titusbriseno of @thechurchcollective ’s #tccone event in #modesto this weekend.

I think what I love most about these weekends is hearing stories of how God transforms teams and churches through these conferences.

We would love to hear from you. Email me at brian@thechurchcollective.com with your stories and testimonies. Thanks!
#bettertogether2016 (at Shelter Cove Community Church, Modesto, CA)


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